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About Peak Kansas City Investment Banks and Asset LendingLive local, loan local. It’s a foundation for mutual success that Peak truly believes in. We’ve been based in Kansas City for a number of years, and we know the area better than most. Not only that, but our employees have owned and operated hundreds of Kansas City real estate investments, asset-based lending companies, mortgage banks, construction companies, and even property management companies in the area. Add in the fact that Peak is the co-founder of leading property investment analysis tool, RentFax, and you can rest assured that we know that we’re talking about.

At Peak, we believe in mutual success built on morals. Some lenders intentionally put their borrowers in a bad spot. They know that the loan they’re writing has a high chance of failure, yet they do it anyway. They know that they can capitalize on failure.

We have a different mindset. Peak turns away roughly 65% of all loan inquiries that come to us because we have respect for our borrowers. If it looks like it will work out well for us but not you, we won’t give you the loan. This policy has given Peak a 1% default rate on our loans, which is lower than most banks.

Some other key differences:

  • We’re local to Kansas City, and that means you get service personalized for the Kansas City area. Not only does this allow us to do things like visit properties with you to offer thoughts and advice before you purchase a property, it means you get a lender that understands every aspect of the local market and can guide you through your purchase.
  • We started at the bottom. As kids, JP and Shane mowed lawns and helped with the maintenance of rental properties. And from there, they’ve touched every rung of the ladder climbing to success. That rings true for the other team members we’ve brought on board, too.
  • We think like investors, not banks. Our success is due to your success, and that means the world to us.
  • We’re nimble and efficient to ensure your success.

Peak Asset Lending has several lending options to rehab and flip properties in the Kansas City area, including:

    • Rehab to Perm: A 30-year mortgage with 180-day construction period that gives you the funding and flexibility you need to make improvements to the property you’re purchasing. Once the improvements are completed, the interest rate drops for the remainder loan’s life.
  • Other Loan Programs:
    • Flip: Just looking to buy and flip a property? Peak has you covered with a 12-month loan that gives you time to make improvements and resell the property.
    • Flip – High Value: Got a higher value flip? We’ve got an even better loan option for you. A 12-month loan with an even lower interest rate.
    • Flip – Perm Option: If you’re looking at a property with the intention to flip, but there’s the possibility that you may want to keep it, this is the loan option for you. A 30-year mortgage with a 180-day construction period. If you choose to keep it, it rolls into a traditional fixed-rate loan, but if not, you’ll have a year to sell the property.

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