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Peak Lending Kansas City Investment Banks Loan ProgramSo, you’re looking for a loan to rehab or flip a home in the Kansas City area. While there are numerous options available, most only offer a short loan term, adding stress and anxiety to your project. What happens if the construction schedule doesn’t go as planned, you can’t sell the property prior to loan maturity, or you decide you want to keep the property as a rental at the end of the term?

Peak provides peace of mind through loan options that put you in control of the timeline, not the lender.

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With Peak you get:

  • One loan and one set of closing costs.
  • That way, if the flip takes longer than expected, or if you decide to hold onto the house as a rental, you’re already covered.
  • No pre-payment penalties. If you want to pay it off early, more power to you.  There are no additional fees for paying your loan off at any time.

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